Maham Technics ltd  a company who was founded in 1979 by Hanoch Tevet and Moiz Eskenazi - serving also as directors and managers.
The company is located in the industrial zone poleg, Netanya in a 1400 SQ meters building own by the company.

Maham deals in the importing- marketing- and sales- servicing pneumatic and electric  tools ,  fasteners and fastening systems

A list of 40 different suppliers worldwide, most of them with a solo distribution agreement   and leaders in their fields providing maham needs such as:

Chicago pneumatics

A sister company produces industrial staples and brads which are distributed by maham technics

Maham tehchnics employs approx. 28 people in various positions, providing solutions for customer requirements.
The variety and quality of our products, provide solutions for different industries such as:
heavy and light industries for wood working, electric, electronic, packing, steel, aerospace defense 

pallet making, etc.


9 sales agents representative and  service more than 900 customers around the country
maham technics has a sophisticated skilled team of technicians servicing pneumatic and electric, and  power tools of the main worldwide producers in this fields